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Take the Exit Mate Business Discovery Assessment

Our complimentary Operational & Exit Readiness Discovery® Quiz powered by CoreValue® has helped over 50,000 companies gain instant insights into the value and market positioning of their company.

The easy, plain-English questionnaire takes less than 10 minutes to complete, but provides valuable incites into your business positioning as it relates to 18 key drivers that affect your company valuation. 



Why Should Business Owners and Company Stakeholders Plan the “exit”?

In the lifecycle of every business, owners and stakeholders face a decision point: How do I transition out of my company?

Every exit strategy brings you closer to your eventual departure from the company. Whether it is investors buying out your share, transitioning to a team of vested employees, or passing ownership to family members, they all bring you one step closer to exiting the company.

When selling a business or other asset, you need to consider the tax implications. You might also want to read up on the legal rules affecting transfers and consult a qualified tax professional.

Most business owners will experience a transfer of ownership as the most expensive financial operation they ever go through. In decades of business consulting, we’ve heard no one complain they spent too much time planning.

Why Start Now?

There are two good reasons to begin the planning process, even for those who believe they are ten or more years from their eventual exit.

1. Many tax reduction strategies, such as business structure conversions, certain trusts and others, take years to fully implement.

2. Once you know your exit objective, it will influence all of your business decisions. For
example, hiring managers who will work for the next owner is a very different approach from
training your future successors.

What if I don’t have a date in mind yet?

Our Discovery analysis asks for two date ranges. The first is approximately when you want to step back from your day-to-day responsibilities and the second is when you want to walk away completely.

Once you know when you want to step back, the day you actually leave the business becomes much more flexible.

What will I get when I take the Assessment?

The Assessment looks beyond your retirement goals. Helping you reach your objectives requires a knowledge of your business and the state of your company.

1. A 12-page summary of your responses will be emailed to you within one business day. It is organized into four key areas of exit readiness: planning, finance, revenue/profit and operations.

2. A 40-page detailed Analysis of your responses will be provided as part of your
complimentary debriefing by our chief CVO Dwayne Coots.

How do I get started?

Set aside 10-15 minutes to take the first step by completing the Discovery questions.

The Assessment is a multiple-choice questionnaire which does not ask for confidential or financial information. We respect your privacy and will not share your information.

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Take our no-cost, no-obligation Discovery Analysis. In just a few short moments you’ll gain insights into your business’ health and value based on key success drivers and industry averages.

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