Frequently Asked Questions About: Exit Planning, Value Positioning, and Business Brokering

M&A - Business Brokering

Exit Mate brokering helps people buy and sell businesses. Our professional consultants and consulting partner firms work with buyers, sellers, and equity brokers to make sure the closing process goes smoothly.

Exit Mate business brokers manage in all aspects of the process. They know how to help buyers find the right company for them, how to negotiate on their behalf, and they know what questions to ask when it comes time for due diligence.

Exit Mate business brokers are not only knowledgeable about Exit Mate but also about industry trends so they can help sellers understand what is happening in their market and how it might affect them.

Exit Mate business brokers and exit planning consultants are a network of professionals with minimum experiential requirements of 10 years in their specialty. Each certified consultant is experienced and dedicated to finding the best solutions for our clients.

Exit Mate is a BizAnvil brand — part of a company that provides services to both owner, buyers and sellers of businesses. We also provide advisory services and help with mergers and acquisitions upwards of 50M.

Exit Mate consultants can help with any business related queries or needs.

We also work on providing advisory services, helping with value acceleration, so they can be sure to find the best solution for their clients.

An experienced business broker can offer a variety of services to their clients. They can help them find the most qualified buyer for their company, advise them on what they should do in certain transitional stages situations, and negotiate on their behalf with the buyer or seller.

Brokers are not just there to help you sell your business. They are here to help guide business owners to make the right decisions for themselves and their family. Over 70% of business sellers feel remorse within a year of selling, so we work hard to manage expectations to ensure post sale satisfaction.

Brokers are experts in the industry and they know the best practices for selling a company. They can help you get your company in front of buyers, negotiate the best price, and close the deal.

If you are looking to sell your company, it is important to hire a broker who is an expert in various aspects of the sale process. A broker will help you find potential buyers, negotiate on your behalf, and close the deal.

It is important to know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to selling a business.

The broker you choose will depend on the type of business you have, your goals for the sale, and your personal preferences.

Some brokers specialize in specific industries, such as restaurants or retail. Others focus on a particular geographic location or a particular type of transaction.

Some brokers specialize in buying businesses at auction or negotiating with sellers who are looking for advisors.

Others focus on advising sellers who want to sell their company privately.

A broker can be a useful tool for those who are looking for a new place to live. They can help you find the perfect place, negotiate on your behalf and make sure that the entire process goes smoothly.

There are many benefits of using a broker. You will have someone who is familiar with the market and knows all of the best places to live in your desired location. They can also help you negotiate with landlords on your behalf and ensure that everything is done correctly.

A business broker is a third party that helps you buy or sell a business. They can be a valuable resource for entrepreneurs looking to buy their first business, as they help you navigate the process and understand the market.

Business brokers can also be invaluable when you’re looking to sell your company. They know how to get the best price for your company, and they work on your behalf with potential buyers to make sure that your interests are protected at every step.

A broker is a person who arranges deals in an industry or business. They are usually a middleman between the buyer and the seller. In real estate, brokers help buyers and sellers negotiate prices. In finance, brokers help investors find stocks and other assets to buy.

The role of broker is to keep track of transactions, maintain records, and verify that both parties in a transaction have completed their parts of the deal. Brokers also provide advice on what people should do with their money or assets in order to get the best return on investment.

A broker is a person or company that helps you find a buyer for your business.

Exit Mate Brokers can help you with:

– Finding an appropriate buyer for your business

– Negotiating on your behalf with buyers and sellers

– Helping you do due diligence on potential buyers and sellers before signing any contracts.

– Advising on how to price your business appropriately.

Brokers are a cost-effective way to market your business to potential buyers — both private buyers and equity groups. Exit Mate serves three core roles:

  1. First, as an intermediary, we gather all the information potential buyers need to make an informed decision. We provide a comprehensive valuation based on data provided by the owner and their CPA. The valuation, combined with discovery documents, are needed to bring your business to market.
  2. Next, we list your business for sale on literally thousands of websites and brokerage platforms at the asking price you specify. We screen potential buyers, acquire a signed NDA and LOI before divulging critical details to protect you from tire kickers and other time wasting distractions.
  3. Finally, we work closely with you to see the deal through, from term sheets to close. Our attorney partners draft all documents from terms agreed upon by both parties. Once your transaction is completed.

The cost of using Exit Mate brokering services depends on how much work they do for you, what type of mortgage they give you, and how much commission they charge. Expect to pay a success fee between 5% and 12.5% of the all-in closing price. 

Note: We can substantially reduce this success fee if your project contracts with Exit Mate exit planning, or BizAnvil positioning services prior to brokering agreements being entered.